Jiangmen Tongbo Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Jiangmen Tongbo Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 (formerly known as Hongrui Metal Spraying Company) and is located in Jiangmen City, which is known as the hometown of Huaqiao. The company's composite stainless steel non-stick pan products are composed of three-dimensional lines and dots of a special etched hexagonal concave-convex honeycomb mesh, which are then processed by special spraying, sintered at high temperature, and then processed by complex processes such as grinding. made. It prevents damage to the non-stick coating and increases the durability of the non-stick, while also protecting the health of consumers. The company has its own brands of "HuaQian" and "HuaQian", and has a number of patents. The products are sold in China and Russia, the United States, South Korea, Germany, France, Brazil, Israel, Czech Republic, Iran, India, Mexico, Indonesia , Denmark, Vietnam and other countries.



Unity and enterprising, hard work and win-win, dedicated and dedicated, serving customers.

Only by carrying forward the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and courage, and always on the road of entrepreneurship, will entrepreneurship be successful. But entrepreneurship should not end. The success of the previous entrepreneurship has created a new platform and laid a solid foundation for the next entrepreneurship. If it stagnates, it will be overtaken by competitors, at a disadvantage in the competition, and may be eliminated. Therefore, on the road of entrepreneurship, there is only a new starting point, but no end. Only by moving forward bravely and forging ahead can an enterprise obtain the right to survive and develop continuously.

Collaborative spirit
The work of each department and each person is relatively independent and linked to the overall situation. Therefore, people often say: "Be based on your own position and focus on the overall situation". Especially in critical situations, it is even more emphasized that "parts obey the overall situation and do a good job of cooperation". Just like playing chess, winning or losing depends on each piece. If the whole battle is lost, no matter which piece, even if it has the ability, what's the point? The spirit of cooperation is the symbol of the overall concept

challenge spirit
In the face of this industry full of changes and competition, we believe that only with a spirit of challenge can we boldly advance and make breakthroughs in the face of competition and pressure. Success requires constant forgetting of past achievements and continuous learning. We advocate self-transcendence, persistent pursuit, and constantly challenge the peak of technology and market.