Question: How to achieve the anti-stick effect of fried fish, chicken wings, steak or shredded meat and other foods that are easy to stick to the pan?

Instructions for use and precautions

Then pour out the water, dry it, pour a little oil, and simmer for two minutes on low heat, it can be used. (You need to cover the pot during the boiling process, otherwise you need to boil the pot on medium heat.)

Is it better to cook in a wok or stainless steel?

Everyone's ideas are different, so you need to consider the actual situation, some friends need to add a lot of iron

What kind of material is the cooking pot? How to choose the cooking pot?

The wok is a relatively common household product at present, and the material of the wok is relatively more, so when people choose the wok, the general material is more confusing to people.

How to choose iron pan, non-stick pan or stainless pan? Choose the right one, and the cooking can be more fragrant!

Seven things to open the door, chai rice oil sauce vinegar tea, people are rushing for life every day, and they deal with the kitchen every day at home, and they are more familiar with the things in the kitchen

The bottom of the stainless steel pot is burnt and blackened, don't use the steel ball to brush, teach you a trick, wipe it like a new one

In my country, the cooking method of cooking with high fire has always been popularized by people. Therefore, due to the strong high temperature resistance of stainless steel pots

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